Add opulence and light

Rugs provide an immediate solution for adding a plush and opulent surface beneath your feet. Not only do they offer comfort, but they also serve various purposes in a room. Rugs can divide a space into distinct zones, establish a particular theme, easily shift positions, and be effortlessly swapped out for alternative designs.

The Finishing Touch

Tie your room together

Although you might regard a rug as a final embellishment for a space, it is also an excellent foundation for decorating. This is because rugs can establish a suitable color scheme to build upon. Rugs also have the ability to define a conversational space in a living room, seating area in an office, or dining area in a kitchen or dining room. When properly placed, a rug can help anchor the furniture in a room, which helps to create a cosy, intimate space.

Protect Flooring

Especially in high traffic areas

Sound Control

Rugs have the ability to muffle sound

What our clients have to say

As stated on the phone the other day, working with Hart Carpets was a great experience – right from the moment we walked into the store for the first time and all the way through to the job being finished. Amanda was excellent , taking the time to understand what we needed, our preferences, budget and timeframe. Matt was very thorough when surveying the job, looking for practical solutions with the best outcomes and was great in managing expectations. Matt, Luke and Lewis did a fabulous job with both the flooring and the carpet. They were very friendly, so helpful and really clean and tidy. We will be using Hart Carpets again (why would we want or need to go anywhere else) and would definitely recommend them to anyone. First class service.

Creating places that enhance your home:

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Enjoy your space, let us help you get it right

Enjoy your space, let us help you get it right